Buying a mattress online is a hard task.

You never know which one is best for you. You can’t touch it. You can’t feel it.

How do you pick then?

You make assumptions.

You think that you like soft mattresses. And if manufacturer says that his mattress is soft, you think this mattress is good for you. But you don’t know that feel of the mattress depends on your OWN WEIGHT. If you are overweight firm mattress may feel soft for you. If you are a light person, medium mattress may feel like a firm one for you. What is best for you can become a nightmare for others.

Most people say that memory foam mattresses are the best. But are they the best choice for you? Some people hate memory foam feel.

We are not saying which product is best for you. We analyze. And we try to explain why some products can be the best choice for you, and why same products can disappoint you.

 It’s all about you and your preferences.

SoftSleepGuide was created to help you find your best fit.

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