5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses on Amazon

Amazon is famous for its awesome service and prices. You can find so many great products in one place.

Isn’t it the best place to buy the mattress? It often depends on the brand of the mattress!

Keep in mind that usually Amazon and the original manufacturer offer different service, trial periods and return policy.

They all depend on the website on which you have bought the mattress.

For example, often when you buy the mattress on the original website of the manufacturer you get 100 day trial period but you can’t return the mattress for the first 30 days. Just because the manufacturer is saying that you need that time to get used to the mattress.

On the other hand, often when you buy the mattress on the Amazon, Amazon offers you only a 30 days trial period but you can return the mattress right after you have bought it.

Which one is better? It’s for you to decide:

  • Some people don’t like their new mattress from the first day. And they want to return the mattress on the first day. Amazon allows it.
  • Some people need more time to understand if they like the mattress. It may take a month or two. Amazon usually doesn’t allow you to return the product after 30 days.

Anyway, we would recommend reading the terms of trial periods and warranty on the original website before buying the mattress.

That’s why we provide the link to the website of the manufacturer for every product in addition to the link on Amazon.





(about 850$)

Bear is the high-quality memory foam mattress.

It was made to keep you cool and get the best rest possible.


  • 1” Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam,
  • 5″ of Quick Response Foam,
  • 5” of Breathable Support Foam

The main problem of the memory foam mattresses is feeling hot. This mattress feels up to 7 times cooler than common memory foam.

Besides that, it has a Celliant cover with clinically proved positive effect on your body. This material improves blood flow and helps you to recover during the night faster.

  1. S. Food and Drug Administration even determined products with Celliant as “medical devices” and as ”general wellness products”.

The mattress is made in US and Certi-Pur Certified.

View on Amazon: Bear


Tuft & Needle

(about  575$)

One of the most popular memory foam mattresses.

Half a million people have tried this mattress.

More than 10 000 reviews on Amazon. And about 90% 5-star reviews.

Isn’t that enough for you to pay attention to this mattress?

Besides that, we can mention awesome customer support and price.


  • 3” comfort layer of Adaptive Foam,
  • 7” support layer of polyurethane foam

Only about 2% of buyers on Amazon return their mattress! And it’s after buying the mattress online without trying it out.

Not bad, isn’t it?

View on Amazon: Tuft & Needle



Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated

(about 290$)

If you don’t want to spend a fortune this mattress can be a good choice for you.


  • 5 inches of cool gel memory foam for temperature regulation
  • 3 inches of poly gel foam for breathability layered
  • 5 inches of support foam

It is also CertiPUR-US certified.

It has a medium-plush feel.

For such a low price you can get a 12” mattress. Isn’t that awesome?

View on Amazon: Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated


LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

(about 200$)

It is the cheapest mattress in our list.

We don’t recommend to buy extremely cheap models (and extremely expensive models too).

But if for some reason you are going to buy a cheap mattress anyway you can take a look at this mattress.

It’s a 10” mattress.

It’s CertiPUR-US certified and it has a 25-year warranty.


  • 5″ gel-infused, ventilated memory foam
  • 5” foam base

View on Amazon: LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


eLuxury Supply

(about  680$)

Another mattress with lots of good reviews. It is also made by the company which cares about its reputation.

It’s interesting that this mattress has similar characteristics to Tuft & Needle. It also has 3” of comfort layer and 7” of the support layer and both these layers have almost the same density (3 and 1.8 pounds per cubic foot).

Both companies are honest and not afraid of telling customers densities of their mattresses.

While Tuft & Needle is using their T&N Adaptive foam, eLuxury Supply is using gel foam as the top layer of the mattress.

It’s for you to decide which one is better. Most people would probably choose Tuft & Needle because it has much more positive reviews and it’s cheaper by 100 dollars. However, the eLuxurySupply mattress is a good choice too.

View on Amazon: eLuxury Supply 


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