Best Mattresses 2020. Ultimate Guide. Worst Mattresses to Avoid

Isn’t it hard to pick a mattress?

There are so many different types of mattresses. So many different types of materials…

Gel memory foam, Talalay latex, Bonnel coils… Customers don’t want to know what all these names mean

All these names are not even close helping most people to choose the mattress.

That’s because such weird materials names as gel foam or elastic polymer are not telling us much about the mattress. They only make the choice even harder to make.

Let’s forget about scientific terms and concentrate on what you really get.

What we do care is what advantages we get from all these new materials and technologies.

Let’s make it simple

What mattress do you need?


1. Best Latex Mattress 


Some manufacturers claim that their mattresses are made of natural latex but usually they partly consist of it. Sometimes latex is made of natural and synthetic source materials. Sometimes natural latex is only a small fraction of a mattress. Anyway, there is always a catch in cheap natural latex mattresses. So don’t let someone fool you.

Plushbeds mattress has the layer of Talalay latex which is extremely expensive if made of natural materials.


Latex is a very durable material. Some latex mattresses are used for decades.

No Off-Gassing

This mattress doesn’t have any off-gassing period due to the natural materials used.

No Harsh Chemicals

Flame resistance is ensured by natural Joma wool.


The price is fair.

It is almost impossible to find a natural latex mattress under 1500 USD. If you will find one, please let us know in the comments below.

    • You’ll be able to change the firmness of the mattress by exchanging the top layer of the mattress. However, the procedure is not too easy so it’s better to pick the right firmness from the beginning.
    • You are able to order a mattress with custom firmness for each side which is perfect for couples.
    • The price is definitely too high for those who don’t want to overpay for natural materials and harsh chemical-free mattress.
    • The mattress is very heavy. So you will need to have an appropriate foundation for it. If you wouldn’t have one the mattress will sag and you will also lose the warranty.

2. Best mattress for the money

Tuft & Needle

Why do we recommend it?

Founders of the company say that lots of mattresses are overpriced. And they can sell you a good quality mattress much cheaper than some other brands.

The co-founder of the company has bought a $3300 mattress and he felt like that mattress didn’t worth the money. So why not create a much cheaper mattress with the same quality?

According to the founders of the company, the mattress is cheaper because:

  • the company charge what it needs, not what it can,
  • no retail markups,
  • no sales commissions.

It’s one of the most popular mattresses which are sold online. And it is a high-quality product.

It has high-quality customer reviews on Amazon with 90% of 5 stars ratings.

No need to spend a fortune on a good quality mattress.

What this mattress is made of?

The mattress is made of unique foam – T&N Adaptive Foam. It is supposed to have an awesome orthopedic effect and doesn’t have all the disadvantages of memory foam mattresses.

It is breathable and keeps you cool during the night.


  1. Just like most foam mattresses, T&N mattress doesn’t have very good edge support.
  2. And it has a short off-gassing period.

3. Best Mattress for Athletes

Bear Mattress

Do you have to buy a special mattress for athletes?

Well, it’s up to you.

Most common mattresses will work just fine for athletes.

However, if you are an athlete and looking for the special mattress you will find one which will provide you with some bonuses.

Athletes have special needs:

–              they need to recover faster,

–              they might need a cooler mattress than most other people.


      1. That’s obvious because hard training day will make you feel exhausted. And your muscles will need the best rest possible to recover faster.
      2. Often athletes have a faster metabolism. It causes increasing the temperature of the body. And it makes athletes feel hotter at night

We believe that the Bear Mattress for athletes is a good choice.

And the main reason is that It was designed and customized for athletes

Why do we recommend it?

      1. Good quality and pressure relief.
      2. It was designed to keep you cool. Manufacturer uses memory foam technology but its 7 times cooler than common memory foam.
      3. Mattress receives very positive reviews from its buyers.
      4. Using celliant material to help you recover faster. The same material is used by famous sports brands like Reebok.

The cover of the Bear Mattress contains celliant. It absorbs the heat of your body and reflects infrared light back to you. Infrared light can improve blood circulation and muscle recovery.

The mattress is made of couple layers. The first one is 1” Graphite-Gel Infused Foam. Second is 2.5” open-cell quick response foam to provide you with great pressure relief without trapping heat. The third is 6.5” breathable support base foam

It will keep you cool. It will help you to recover. It offers great pressure relief.

4. Best Innerspring Mattress


Searching for a mattress with coils in it? Take a look at the Winkbeds mattress with two layers of springs!

The mattress is made in the US. And the company is trying to do its best to satisfy its clients.

A good quality innerspring mattress must have lots of coils. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to adjust to your body properly.

King size Winkbeds Mattress contains 2776 springs. The top layer of king size model has 1722 springs and the bottom contains 1054 springs. That’s even more coils than needed.

The mattress can be used on an adjustable foam.

Buying a mattress is a risk. Because you can’t be 100% sure that the mattress will be a perfect match for you. According to buyers reviews, Winkbeds is doing its best to satisfy clients.

Sometimes people decide to buy an old-fashioned innerspring mattress because they want to feel cool at night. And new memory foam mattresses often make you feel too hot. If this is your case, you can also buy coolControl base for Winkbeds Mattress. It allows you to increase or decrease the temperature of the mattress and also allows you to pick temperature for each side of the mattress. Take a look at it

Comes in three options:

      • Soft
      • Medium
      • Firm
    • It has awesome edge support.
    • The mattress is 15” thick. You’ll need to put it on a low foundation. You might have to buy a new foundation for this mattress.

Just like any innerspring mattress, it does have bad motion transfer.

You’ll need to rotate your innerspring mattress.

It has a bad review from a man who claims to be heavy. If you weight more than 200 lbs you should know that it might not work well for you too.

5. Best Mattress for Back Pain


Are you suffering from back pain?

Suffering from back pain making your night sleep awful?

There are a couple of options and ways of solving this problem we offered you earlier.

As the best mattress for back pain sufferers, we choose ThevoRelief mattress. It is made by the German company which is specialized in creating products for people with special needs.

The mattress is constructed for people with back pain.

It has an unusual construction. Breathable 5” memory foam is laying on a special foundation. Foundation itself is moving and adjusting to you during the night. It consists of many wing suspensions.

The mattress is available in different sizes including sizes for hospitals.

The best types of mattresses for back pain are memory foam and latex mattresses.

Why? Because all you need is good support and pressure relief. And these two types of mattresses can provide you with the best orthopedic effect.

The firmness, what about the firmness?

6.Best Mattress for Heavy People

If you are slightly overweight you can pick any mattress from the list above or use these guidelines to make the right choice.

However, for people who weight 300-400 lbs here is the best option we were able to find: Comfort Max 400

It is thick. It is firm. It will support you! And it will make you feel comfortable.

The company is trying to please its customers and make sure that the mattress will be a perfect match for your weight.

It is possible to customize the mattress (often at no cost for customers).

So, for example, if your weight is over 400 lbs it is possible to customize the mattress for your weight.

The top layer of the mattress is a 5” Talalay latex which will help you to keep cool at night.

And it is firm enough to support your body and don’t let you stuck inside the mattress.

    • If buying this mattress, you will know for sure that it will support your body weight.
    • It has a perfect firmness for heavy people
    • It will keep you cool
    • Most buyers of this mattress are extremely satisfied
    • It is made for heavy people. And it wouldn’t work for other types of people. If you are sleeping with a thin person, this person wouldn’t feel comfortable. The same thing applies to people who are going to lose a huge amount of weight soon because of the surgery etc.
    • The mattress is not delivered to CA, CT, RI.

7.Best Memory Foam Mattress


First of all, we already have mentioned two best memory foam mattresses above.

Tuft & Needle – best mattress for the money

Bear – best mattress for athletes (muscles recovery)

The memory foam type of mattresses is the most popular one. You can find thousands of those on the market. But what is the best one?

We suppose it’s Loom&Leaf.

It’s a mattress that costs about a thousand dollars but feels like from x2 to x4 more expensive analogs.

This is the mattress you will probably like.

This mattress will provide you with an awesome orthopedic effect.

It doesn’t make you feel hot (like some other memory foam mattresses). It’s even a little bouncy.

Good edge support wouldn’t make you feel ejected from your mattress.

It’s almost immediately conforming to your body. It doesn’t make you feel stuck. And it’s pretty easy to change your sleeping position on this mattress.

Lots of foam mattresses have defects like not getting the right shape or thickness and they smell bad after unboxing. Loom&Leaf is delivered to you already unboxed. So you will miss the off-gassing period and wouldn’t have to wait a day for the mattress to take its proper shape (or disappointing because of getting 8” mattress instead of 10” or 12”).


      • Some people don’t like quilts
      • Some people don’t like bounce
      • Memory foam fill can be a disadvantage too
      • Some people claim it to be too hot for them

8.Best Mattress under 500$

Zinus Mattress

Slow response – standard memory foam feel

A small amount of people is saying that the mattress doesn’t get the right shape after unboxing

Couple people are saying that the mattress is losing its firmness (support ability) with time.

Not the best customer support. It can be hard to deal with them in case of any problem or return issues.

9. Best Mattress under 200$

At this category, we would recommend 7-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

It has lots of positive reviews and a lack of negative ones.

It has CertiPUR-US certification and costs less than 150$ for a queen size model. Perfect for guest rooms and any kind of situation when you can’t or don’t want to spend much money on the mattress.

However, it’s only 7” thick. And it has only 3” of comfort layers

What is the Worst Mattress to Avoid?

Some people think that mattress is a simple product. You don’t have to be a genius to make one.

Well, following this logic, the dentist doesn’t have to study at the university. You just drill a hole in a tooth and use some cement. Done.

We used real people’s reviews who hated their mattresses to make a description of the perfectly awful mattress.

What’s the worst mattress according to customer reviews?

      • Well, it has a bad smell and causes headaches to make your night sleep impossible. This smell lasts a couple of weeks. Not just days or hours. So you want to get out of the room or bring your old mattress back.
      • The manufacturer has forgotten to warn you about using fire retardant chemicals you are having allergy on (for example, formaldehyde).
      • After being unpacked the mattress from the box doesn’t get the right form. It’s is curved. So it feels like you sleep inside the taco. Depending on your luck you roll down to the center of your mattress or afraid to fall down to the floor.
      • The mattress feels like glue and you are stuck in it. As a result, it’s a hard move.
      • The mattress molds to your body and make you feel hot, toss and turn.
      • It’s a perfect place for dust mites to live, die and poop inside it to cause the allergy.
      • Every time your partner is moving, you can feel it.
      • Oh, and of course it causes back pain to make you totally miserable.
      • The mattress happens to have wrong firmness and the manufacturer tells you to wait a month to adjust to it.
      • Its size doesn’t fit the size of your bed.
      • It has bad edge support and makes you fall off from it when you are laying at the edge.
      • It costs like a fortune and has a short lifetime at the same time.

10 Types of Mattresses to Avoid

      1. Mattresses which often don’t get the right shape

This is the most common problem with cheap models. Read the negative reviews and look at the percent of people who are saying that their mattress was deformed from the beginning.

Because in most cases it will be hard for you to return the mattress back.

Ready to take a risk and hoping to buy the mattress which will get the right form? Take a shot. But at least you have to be aware.

      1. Which Cause Allergic Reaction

If you know that you have an allergic reaction to some chemicals be sure to check twice before buying your mattress.

      1. Bad Customer Support
      2. Not Satisfying Your Special Needs

If you are a big person – avoid thin mattresses

If you are sensitive to movements – avoid innerspring mattresses (or any mattresses with bad motion transfer)

If you are feeling hot – be extra choosy when picking memory foam and look for cool mattresses.

      1. Overpriced Beds

The most expensive doesn’t always equal to the best one. Lots of people who are spending a couple of thousand dollars are not satisfied with their bed.

      1. Matrasses with Awful Smell

An off-gassing period is common for most memory foam mattresses. And usually last for a couple of hours or days. But if you see that some people are complaining about having a bad smell for a couple of weeks, having headaches or unbearable smell, you should reconsider buying that mattress.

It usually concerns the cheapest mattresses.

And it’s not about the smell. It’s about your health.

Manufacturers may use harsh chemicals that will harm your health.

And you will breathe the air with those chemicals during the whole night.

But even if chemicals are harmless, the long-lasting couple-week smell will ruin your everyday life for that period of time.

      1. Bad warranty or return policy

You know that you have a right to return your mattress.

But once you decide to return your mattress you may find out that you’ll have to put your mattress in the box. The problem is that it’s not easier than putting an elephant to the same box. Earlier your mattress was vacuum sealed by the manufacturer.

Heard about 20 years warranty? Read the details. Everything can be not as it seems to be.

Often you will hate your mattress long before it will be possible to use a warranty.

How Did We Pick the Best Mattress?

Let’s determine what kind of mattress we think is the best.

The best mattress doesn’t have negative qualities and, in addition, it’s comfortable and has the best orthopedic effect.



Yes, the main problem for people who bought the mattress is its defects. Only one defect can ruin the impression of using the mattress. So we’ll be looking for a mattress which likely doesn’t have any defects at all.

Sometimes after being unpacked low-quality mattresses can’t take its promised size or form. The same thing applies to foam mattresses. In addition, people can say that these mattresses make them feel hot or feel like glue.

It’s hard to pick the best mattress because the main mattress qualities like comfort and support are very subjective and vary depending on people’s preferences and many individual factors like body type, climate, and allergies.

What determines the best mattress:

  • defects,
  • comfort,
  • your overall health,
  • customer support,
  • exclusion of possible problems (allergy,  feeling hot and stuck)
  • customers satisfaction.


Good support is the key to not having back pain and having a good sleep. It has to be a cause of a cheerful day.


Most people think that mattress influence only your spine. But it also influences your overall health. You’ve probably heard about off-gassing mattresses. Mattresses can contain pernicious chemicals.

Customer Support

In case you need help from the customer support service, you have to get it. Even if you are picking the best mattress, you might have a problem with firmness or having shipping issues. It is important to be able to get the needed help.

Exclusion of possible problems

If you are using your old mattress for a while you might think that there can’t be any problems with the new mattress. But even if you are not expecting them, there are tons of them. You can have an allergy to some chemicals which are used in a mattress or feel like it’s too hot.

Customers satisfaction

The mattress must have good reviews from lots of people. Even the most expensive goods can be not good enough. If the product is reviewed and tested by lots of people you have bigger chances of buying something worthwhile.


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