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Mattress industry evolves. From year to year new types of mattresses, new types of materials arise. What used to be rare and expensive becomes the day-to-day stuff. For example, memory foam has been used and developed by NASA, and it was super expensive. Now you can find memory foam anywhere.

But what happens with the industry? More and more mattresses are sold online. New online companies that sell their products only on the internet appear all the time. And lots of online companies become super popular.


Where to Buy a Mattress?


Online Store


Online-only models are super successful.

More and more mattresses are sold “online-only”. Why? There are 2 main reasons:

  • These mattresses can be cheaper. No retail markups.
  • It’s hard to test a mattress in the store anyway.


Let’s explain it a little bit.
Mattress Online Store
First, Manufacturers can save some money by not maintaining showrooms. Also, you will not have to pay the extra money to a salesman. It allows manufacturers to save money and offer you a mattress at a lower cost.

Second, testing the mattress during a couple of minutes may not be the best way to find out if you will like the mattress. Why? Well, you may not feel the full impact of the mattress on your body. You see, when you are asleep your body is absolutely relaxed. Your muscles are relaxed, your body is relaxed and the pressure on your body is different. Often you can feel how mattress affects your body only after spending a night on it.

So what online-only companies do is they offer a trial period. You can test the mattress for one month or a couple of months. And if you don’t like it, you can send it back. *Keep in mind that different companies have different refund policies.

    • Easy to buy
    • Cheap
    • Long trial period
    • Care more about online reputation (and your feedback)
    • You will not be able to try it in the shop
    • The return process may be frustrating




Amazon is a super popular marketplace. Can you buy there a mattress? Sure. And it offers you an unbelievably wide selection of mattresses. You can find all popular mattresses from different sellers in one place. It’s super comfortable. In addition to this, it’s incredibly easy to buy from Amazon. Because lots of people actually buy from Amazon it’s easy to find reviews of particular mattresses.Best Place to Buy a Mattress - Amazon

Sounds too good to be true. Are there any shortcomings? Often the warranty terms are different on the Amazon. You can get a much shorter warranty than a manufacturer offers you. Yeah,  the place where you buy the same mattress actually makes the difference. Be sure to read warranty terms on the Amazon and on the official website of the manufacturer.

    • Easy to buy
    • A wide selection of mattresses
    • Easy to read an compare reviews
    • Specific warranty terms
    • Return process may be frustrating


Manufacturer’s Online Store


An awesome choice for those who want to buy a mattress online. Why? There is no middleman. You can buy directly from a manufacturer. You can use promo codes and get discounts sometimes. Also, some manufacturers offer a Best Place to Buy a Mattress - Manufacturer's Online Storemuch longer warranty if you buy directly from their website (in comparison with Amazon, for example). Some manufacturers can offer even 1-year warranty for their products.

Shortfalls? If you are looking for honest reviews your chances are not too high. A manufacturer can easily delete and edit comments/reviews on its own website. But of course, you can easily find reviews on other websites before buying a mattress. Also if you picked not a trustworthy manufacturer (with poor-quality support and shipping) it’s probably better to buy on a popular marketplace like Amazon.


    • You can use promo codes
    • No middleman
    • Likely better warranty terms
    • Not trustworthy reviews
    • Shipping and support totally depend on manufacturer


Department Store


Department stores are not specialized in selling mattresses. You can find lots of types of products to buy there.Best Place to Buy a Mattress - Department Store

Those are comfortable places to try out and buy mattresses. Maybe you will be able to find your perfect mattress there while aiming for other products. Awesome place to look for a mattress if you visit department stores often.

But these kinds of places don’t offer too many models of mattresses.

    • Close to you
    • Perfect place to try out a mattress
    • Little choice
    • Salesman can be pushing on you a little bit




Lots of online-only manufacturers in an attempt to increase sales represent their mattresses in showrooms. This is where you can try the mattress before actually buying it.

Lots of manufacturers have a special “Where to try?” section on a website. You can find there places closest to you where you can try the mattress. Usually, those are big cities that may be too far from you.Best Place to Buy a Mattress - Showroom

In a showroom, you can try out different models of mattresses, not just one.

Shortcomings? The price can be a little bit higher in the showroom. There is not a wide selection of mattresses in showrooms. Online stores can offer you a wider range of models and manufacturers.

    • You can try out a mattress
    • Price can be higher
    • Showrooms may not be close to you


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