Our Goal

We are doing our best to provide people with objective and complete information on the topic of picking the mattress.


Affiliate Links

We may receive a small amount of money from each purchase our visitors make after going through our links or using our promo code.
This small fee doesn’t cost you anything, and it helps us to provide you with helpful information and maintain the website. In case of using the promo code you actually even save your money.
Today most mattress manufacturers have affiliate programs. If they don’t, it is possible to use affiliate links leading to Amazon where these manufacturers sell their goods.
Therefore, there is no need for us to deceive visitors or put links leading to low-quality products. It’s easier to make money from recommending only the best products. We don’t receive any money at all if you will decide to return the product to the manufacturer or seller. We are interested in picking the best product for you.

Amazon Disclosure

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Personal Approach

It’s impossible to pick the best mattress for everyone. We all have different tastes, preferences, and needs.
With that said we encourage you to be proactive and look for the best products for you.
We are trying to pick the best products for most people. But the perception of a product may depend on:
– Your personal preferences (we all have our own expectations and understand terms like “comfort” and “softness” differently, etc.).
– Your weight (your perception of firmness may vary depending on your weight).
– Manufacture (despite the process has to be the same, some mattresses may differ from each other). This is one of the reasons people may leave totally different feedback about the same product.
Believe it or not, none of the mattresses has 100% satisfaction rate. There is always a small percentage of people willing to return the mattress.

Consult Your Doctor

We may provide you with advice but it’s up to you to make a decision. Under no circumstances, we can take responsibility for your own actions.
Each person has his/her own patient history. Each person may require a special solution for his/her problem depending on multiple factors. We cannot make a decision instead of your doctor.
We provide our visitors only with general information which may not be a perfect fit for you.