Best Memory Foam Mattress

So you’ve already decided to pick a memory type of mattress, right?

It’s a nice choice.

Memory foam is one of the most popular type of mattresses on the market.

It means that lots of people choose to buy memory foam mattresses every day. And about 80% of them stay satisfied with their choice. This is the best result in the industry.


What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam is a viscoelastic material. It’s made of petroleum components. It’s synthetic.

Memory foam was developed for NASA and later was used in lots of different products, including mattresses.

In simple words: it’s a material which has unusual properties.


Top 4 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

We picked 7 mattresses which are outstanding, one way or another.

There is something special about each of them.

Of course, we are not claiming that list of the best mattresses has to be limited only to these products. You can find other high quality awesome mattresses on the market.

Anyway, all of the mattresses from this list are of high quality. And each of them is worth your attention.

Some manufacturers may use special materials like Celliant which improves blood flow and recovery. Some try harder to deliver you a high quality product.


The list of mattresses:

Layla– best for side sleepers and light people.

Novosbed – best for its flexible firmness options.

Bear – best for athletes and active people

Loom and Leaf – best for its overall quality.



Layla – awesome soft mattress. Its good for light people and those who enjoy laying on the soft mattresses. Soft mattress can be also a good choice for side sleepers.

Two levels of firmness.

LAYLA – two-sided memory foam mattress with 2 different levels of firmness. Each side of the mattress has own level of firmness. You want to change the firmness of the mattress? Just switch the side.

 Cons: in case you will flip the mattress to the firm side you will only have 1” comfort layer over the 4.5” base layer. For comparison: on the soft side you get 5” comfort layer over the same 4.5” base layer.

Copper infused.

Some people even specially look for copper infused mattresses. Copper has antibacterial effect. It helps you to sleep cooler.

Made in USA

The foam is poured and assembled in USA.



Novosbed –  perfect choice for those who afraid to buy mattress online.

It’s a high density memory foam mattress. It comes in 3 different firmness levels to pick from:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm

Comfort Kit

One of the biggest concerns of the customers who want to buy a mattress online is the question: ”Will I like it?”. No one wants to buy a mattress online and be disappointed with it. . You may not be sure if the mattress will be soft or firm enough.

 It can be a disaster. Novosbed offers unusual way of dealing with that problem.

Lots of people afraid of buying the mattress online because of not knowing how it feels.

Besides the possibility of picking the firmness of the mattress Novosbed can also send you a comfort kit.

If you wouldn’t like the firmness of the mattress after getting it Novosbed will send you an additional layer. This layer will be picked to adjust the firmness of the mattress.

You wouldn’t get a pad or topper! You will get a layer which you will insert into the mattress. It’s much better than putting a pad over the mattress. And it can change your experience with the mattress significantly!



Bear –  can be officially called a “medical device” or “general wellness product”. It was designed specifically for athletes. But in simpler words, it’s good for everyone who wants to recover after a long hard day and may feel hot at night.

Athletes may suffer from heat more often than common people due to faster metabolism. Bear mattress contains graphite gel foam and constructed to have increased conductivity (up  to 7 times bigger than traditional foam)

Celliant technology improves blood flow and muscle recovery.

And thanks to Celliant technology this mattress can be called a “medical device” or “general wellness product”.



Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf – is top memory foam mattress. It is made of high-density 5” plant-based foam.

Loom and Leaf is a company which sells mattress only online. So you wouldn’t have to pay extra money to salesperson.

As a company which sells online a luxury mattress it just doesn’t have a right to sell the product with any defects.

It’s not a vacuum sealed mattress you usually buy online.

The mattress is shipped to you whole and stable. You wouldn’t suffer from off-gassing period. You wouldn’t have a problem you may have with vacuum sealed mattresses like not getting the right shape or size.

Loom and Leaf can be compered with top luxury mattresses but doesn’t cost a fortune.


 Do you want to buy the best mattress?


You probably do.

But only on Amazon you can find more than 5,000 memory foam mattresses.

So the next question is:”How do you pick between those more than 5000 mattresses?”


What is the Difference?


Yes, all memory foam mattresses are made of memory but still mattress are different.

 Let’s figure out what is the difference between all these memory foam mattresses.


There are three main factors:

1) Each memory foam can be unique.

2) Combination of materials makes an impact too.

3) Service can play a big role.


1) Unique Memory foam

Brands usually produce their own unique “memory foam”.

Memory foam is like a soup. There are so many of them…

How many recipes of a soup you are able to find on the internet? The main soups ingredient is water. So all soups have something in common. But there are so many types of that dish… Add some extra ingredients or change the technology and you will get your own special soup memory foam.

Memory foam is a common name for a group of materials. It’s not a single material that has the certain formula.

Manufacturers use different catalysts and special components to change memory foams physical properties.

The main component of memory foam is polyurethane but others can vary.  Each manufacturer may combine different chemicals to create its own memory foam material.

So each time you can buy kind of different memory foam from different manufacturers.

Manufacturers who succeeded at creating a special “recipe” of memory foam try to keep their own formula as a secret.

 Own recipe of a memory foam and a special combination of materials allow each manufacture to produce unique product.

2) Unique Combination of Materials.

Yes, we call them “memory foam mattresses” but memory foam lays only on the top of the mattress. Each memory mattress is made of at least couple layers of foams.

What layers memory foam mattress consists of?

None of the memory foam mattresses is made of memory foam only. Why? Because memory foam doesn’t endow mattresses with all the necessary properties.

Memory foam itself can’t provide you with necessary support because of it’s liquid properties. It molds to your body so much that mattress could be uncomfortable if it would be made of memory foam only.

So underneath the memory foam layer there is always a layer of polyurethane foam which supports you.

Besides that manufacturer can add extra layers to the top of the mattress.

And each layer has its properties and functions:

  • Some of them are meant to help you stay cool at night.
  • Some will change the speed of response, etc.
  • And there is always a support layer to support your body.

No need to mention that every layer can change the overall feel of the mattress.

Some “memory foam mattresses” may contain only 20% of memory foam.

Manufacturers combine different types of layers to create the best mattress.


3) Different Levels of Service.

When buying online its better to be sure that company will try to do the best to satisfy you.

Some companies try to replace their mattresses, fix problems and satisfy their clients. Some companies just sell you a product and that’s it.


  • Loom and Leaf, for example deliver a full size mattress instead of vacuum sealed. It costs more for the company. But you wouldn’t get any surprises after unpacking the mattress.
  • Novosbed is ready to send you a free comfort kit in case you are not satisfied with mattress, etc.

It costs money for these companies. So you need to understand why their mattresses may be a little bit more expensive than mattresses of the companies which don’t even react on your replies after selling you product.


Best Prices on Memory Foam Mattresses


The market is full of memory foam mattresses.  These mattresses differ from each other.

And their prices are different too.

Prices on memory foam mattresses vary from about $100 to more than $10 000.


Why prices differ?

Prices depend on:

  • Density of memory foam. The bigger the density, the bigger the price.
  • Chemicals used. You wouldn’t be able to learn the chemical composition of your mattress. Manufacturers don’t have to specify it. However, cheap models have bigger chances of containing low-quality harsh chemicals. Some people may complain about having head aches and feeling sick.
  • 12” model will cost more than 7”
  • Brand Name. Some manufacturers asking more money for their products just because they can. They have well promoted
  • Service and Warranty. Buyers of cheap mattresses usually have problems with customer support more often than customers of more expensive ones.
  • Other Materials and Technologies used. Memory foam mattress doesn’t only consist of memory foam. It must contain at least additional layer of support foam which also may vary in quality.
  • Selling online. Mattresses which are sold online only are usually cheaper than those you can buy in a local store. When selling online it is possible to cut down the price.

What is the Best Value?

Optimal value of the memory foam mattress is from $500 up to $1200.

Can You Buy a Cheap Mattress?

Cheap mattress can be a good choice if you are looking for a temporary mattress. Usually you wouldn’t get a good service when buying a cheap product. Hardly ever someone will try to fix your problem or send an extra pad if you have bought a mattress for $100-$200.

We’ve seen people complaining about headaches and off-gassing much often when buying cheap mattresses. It’s hard to say what’s inside any mattress because manufacturers don’t have to tell customers what materials and chemicals they were using.

Also cheaper mattresses usually tend to last less.

But if you wouldn’t have any issues after buying a mattress and you don’t care about its chemical composition, you may buy a cheap mattress.

Can You Save Some Money?

Yes, you can save money. Even if you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

  • You can buy the mattress which is sold online only. It’s a risk to buy the mattress without trying it out but buying mattress online can be cheaper. Notice: if you are picky, buying the mattress online without trying it can also be a waste of your money.
  • You can buy a good quality mattress from a not very popular brand which doesn’t set prices with high mark-ups.
  • You can use a promo code when buying online.
  • Wait for a sale.


What Makes the Best Memory Foam Mattress?


So what qualities does the best mattress possess?
To pick the best mattress you need to find it out.

Which one is best for you?
Due to different chemical composition and combinations of materials each mattress has unique properties:




It’s hard to specify comfort.

Any mattress can be comfortable for one person and uncomfortable for another.

But comfort is one of the main reasons people want to buy the best mattress.

Unfortunately, different people have different needs. First of all, to buy the best and the most comfortable mattress you need to specify your own needs.

When you know exactly what you need you have to understand that there are many types of mattresses. And you need to pick just one of them.

The main properties of memory foam which correlate with comfort:

  • Density
  • ILD
  • Type of memory foam


Density (weight)


Density is a great indicator of the quality of the material.

Density is measured in pounds per cubic foot.

In simple words, it tells you the weight of a cube of foam with dimensions 12” x 12” x 12”.

The weight of the cube depends on:

  • The amount of air inside the foam.
  • The weight of the materials

As far as memory foam is made mainly of the same material – polyurethane, we can say that the density depends a lot on the amount of air inside the foam. So it tells you what amount of material was used to make the mattress.

If we concentrate more material in that space we get increment of weight and density.

Imagine concentrating our planet and decreasing it to the size of an apple. Same amount of material concentrated in a small space would weight much more.

Lots of people say that its better to have a mattress with high density foam. However it’s not always true.


Density makes impact on a series of factors:

  • Weight. Its obvious but usually people don’t think about it. The higher the density, the bigger the weight of the mattress. Take it to consideration if you want to move the mattress by yourself.
  • Lifespan. The higher the density, the longer the lifespan. High density foam is a good choice if you are looking for a mattress for your bedroom. But its better to pick a low density mattress if you need a temp replacement in the dormitory. Who needs that mattress to last forever?
  • Price. High density mattresses have higher price tags.
  • Feel. Speed of response and conforming ability influence the overall feel. High-density memory foam can create a cloud-like feel.
  • Speed of response. Owners of the high-density memory foam mattresses can feel that their mattresses have a little bit slower response.
  • Conforming ability. High-density memory foam has the best conforming abilities.
  • Sleeping hot. Unfortunately high-density memory foam mattresses may trap heat more often than low-density models. Check if manufacturer of high-density memory foam mattress used any special technologies to make the mattress feel cool at night.
  • Off-gassing. High-density memory foam tend to have longer and worse off-gassing period. However, manufacturers have found the solution for this problem. Even when buying high-density memory foam mattress you may feel no odor at all. Check the reviews of the mattresses.

Density of the memory foam depends on the process and chemicals which are used by the manufacturer. The process itself is a secret and it’s not always easy to discover the density of each layer of a particular mattress. Manufacturers often don’t show it on a product page.

Which Density is the Best One?

The density varies from 1 to 7 lb.

As you could already understand, high-density memory foam mattresses have increased positive and negative sides.

Cheaper mattress usually have low-density memory foam, expensive contain a foam of higher density.


Types of Density

High-Density Memory Foam Mattress

High-density memory foam is used in expensive models.

Manufactures of high quality products try to get the best of memory foam, therefore pick the high-density foam. They also try to get rid of cons that high-density foam possesses.  So not necessarily when buying high-density foam you will face all the problems we mentioned above.

You’ll get the best lifespan, cloud-like feel and conforming ability. You may need to find out how manufacturer sold the problems like trapping heat and “getting stuck”.

Be prepared to spend up to 1000$ or more.


Average Density

A happy medium.

Average price. Good quality.

You wouldn’t get the strongest memory foam effect. But it can be even better for some people. You probably wouldn’t get the strong cons of memory foam too.

Average density is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to buy the best of the best mattress


Low Density

The best choice for light people.

It has not that strong memory foam effect. Chances that you will sink into the mattress are a little bit slower. It’s a little easier to move on the mattress. It can be a better choice for people who can hardly move.

Its not suitable for heavy people.

It can have a worse conforming ability and as a result less suitable for people who have back pain.

Low-density foam is used in budget models. Not all manufacturers of cheap models try to make the best product. However, cheap models are very popular and often have good reviews from customers.

Good quality memory foam mattress usually has the density about 4 lb.




Thickness can influence the overall quality of the mattress.

The thicker the mattress is usually the better. It also depends on the weight of people who will lay on it. Big people need thicker mattresses.

None of the mattresses is made of only one layer. Each memory foam mattress has couple layers. Besides the memory foam layer it must contain the base layer to support. So what thickness are we talking about?

There are the main thicknesses:

  • Thickness of a comfort layer
  • Thickness of the support layer underneath comfort layer.
  • Thickness of the whole mattress

Basically, we can define two zones.

  1. Comfort layer is located on the top of the mattress. You can feel it with your body when you are laying on it.. Its purpose is to make you feel comfortable.
  2. Support layer is the layer under comfort layers (bottom of the mattress). You don’t feel it. Its main purpose is support. Usually it doesn’t feel as good as a comfort layer. But your body doesn’t have to be in contact with that layer in case you picked the right mattress.

The mattress may be thick but the comfort layer may be not thick enough for heavy people.


So What is the Best Thickness?


  1. Overall Thickness

Optimal overall thickness of the mattress is about 10”-12”

  1. Thick Comfort Layer

Pay attention to the thickness of the comfort layer. You may sink into the mattress for 2”-4”. It depends on your weight and firmness of the mattress. Some mattresses have enough overall thickness but small thickness of the comfort layer.

You don’t want to lay on the support layer, right?

  1. Consider the Height of Your Bed

You need to understand what height you will get after putting a mattress on the bed frame. Its not common but the overall height of the bed can be uncomfortable.



Resiliency / Getting Stuck. Quick response?


One of the biggest complains about memory foam is feeling like you are sleeping on a quick sand.

Memory foam may react slowly. It cradles your body. But once you move it may keep its shave for a short period of time. It can be hard or uncomfortable for some people to move. The problem may be critical for people who can’t move or very wick.

How can You Avoid It ?

Pick a good quality mattress. Make sure that you are fine with the slow response effect. Some people don’t care about it.

You can also pick the mattress with low or average level of density.


Heat Retention /Doesn’t sleep hot


One of the common complaints about memory foam mattresses is feeling hot at night.

Memory foam is heat sensitive. It molds to your body. And when temperature of the material increases it molds even more. If material doesn’t provide enough air flow you may face the heat retention problems.

It can be a big problem for people who tend to feel hotter than most people (athletes, for example).

However, some models were made to keep you cool at night. There are a lot of technologies which make it possible to keep your mattress cool at night.




ILD correlates with feel of the memory foam (from firm to soft).

Some people may think that firmness of the mattress correlates with density. It’s not quit true. Mattresses with high density may have the soft feel. They also may be firm.

It is very important to understand:

Even if you will pick the best possible mattress but it will have the wrong level of firmness, you wouldn’t like your mattress.

How do you pick the best mattress?

  1. Make sure that you have picked the right firmness.
  2. Pay attention to manufacturers who try to solve this problem for you.

Layla, for example, offers two-sided mattress with two different levels of firmness.

Novosbed can send you a comfort kit if you wouldn’t like the firmness of your mattress.

Some manufacturers try to solve the problem of their clients by sending additional pads if client is not satisfied with the firmness.




Customers of all types of mattresses may face different problems.

Even when buying a mattress in a local shop you may feel that you like the mattress. But later you can understand that the mattress is uncomfortable.

You may buy a mattress from any company.  But its better to know that if you will face any problems the company will try to fix them.

Its better to check all the negative reviews and make sure that company at least tries to respond.

You can hardly wait someone to provide a good service for a cheap mattress (there can be some exceptions to this statement). However, lots of buyers of budget mattresses just don’t face any critical issues so they stay satisfied.

You need to choose whether you are ready to take a risk and buy from a company with bad service. If you will not have any problems with the product, you’ll stay satisfied. But if the product will not satisfy you will not get the proper support.




We’ve already said that lifespan of the mattress depends on density.

If you want your mattress to last longer you should pick among high-density models.

You should pay attention to details.

Some manufacturers offer even a lifetime warranty but you will have to pay for transportation or the manufacturer will replace the mattress only if the mattress has 2” indention. You will hate your mattress even after having 1” indention but wouldn’t be able to do anything with it.


Off-Gassing and Chemicals


Some people say that chemicals in mattresses are harmful.

In some cases it is true. Some customers complain on the smell, having headaches and even allergies to chemicals used in their mattresses.

You wouldn’t be able to get the list of the chemicals used to produce the mattress from manufacturer and check them.

How can you protect yourself?

You should:

  1. Check if any customers complain on headaches and awful smell.
  2. Check if people say that the smell can last for couple weeks.
  3. Don’t buy too cheap mattresses.

If you don’t want to buy synthetic mattress the main and almost only option to have a natural mattress is to buy an organic latex mattress. And it will cost you at least 1500 USD.


Small Tips


Some factors which define the best mattress may not be very important for you. So you don’t have to pay for them.

When picking the best mattress for yourself it’s better to choose what you really need.

For example, thickness of the mattress is more important for heavy people.

If you want to use the memory foam mattress for a very long period you need a high-density memory foam.

However, low-density memory foam can be better at staying cool at night.

It’s better to pick a plant based memory foam if you care about the amount of VOCs.

It is always for you to decide which properties are important and which can be neglected.

Types of memory foam:


Traditional Memory Foam

This is a common memory foam material.

Lots of manufacturers use traditional memory foam material.

This type has different variations (like closed and open-cell memory foam).

Usually, it’s better to pick an open-cell memory foam.

Memory foam is made of small cells that you can’t see. These sells contain air.

In closed memory foam these sells are separated (closed) and seal the air inside them. Sells in closed memory foam are not connected with each other and don’t allow the air to leave and ventilate the material.

Open-cell memory foam on the opposite consists of opened sells connected with each other. The air may flow inside the material.



Closed memory foam doesn’t allow air to flow and as result doesn’t allow the heat to leave the mattress with the air flow. In simple words, it has a bad ventilation.

Closed memory foam tends to have bigger  density just because it contains less air than open-cell material.

At the same time, closed sells don’t allow both air and liquids to fill the mattress. So it does have waterproof abilities.



Is an improved type of traditional memory foam.

 This type of material allows airflow to take away the heat from the mattress.

Due to the structure of the material it tends to have faster response.

The only negative side is that low-density open-cell memory foam may not serve you too long. But you can pick the mattress with bigger density or a mattress with a good warranty policy.


Gel Memory Foam

One of the biggest complains about memory foam is that it traps heat. Gel memory foam was invented to solve this problem.

People suffer from feeling hot on the mattress because memory foam enhance heat accumulation process under the person. Material doesn’t allow heat to transfer and spread.

It can be hard to change properties of memory foam material. Than why not combine it with another material to transfer heat?

So manufactures added gel to memory foam. Gel transfers heat much better than memory foam. It works as a heat conductor inside a mattress.

Need to say, that there are other ways of making memory foam cooler. And the fact that manufacturer is not using gel doesn’t mean that mattress will make you feel hot.


Contain gel which is not separated into beams. Gel creates much advanced system of heat transportation.

Gel Beams

Is more primitive technology. Small beams of gel are located inside memory foam. They do improve heat conduction process. However, beams are not well connected with each other. So they may not transfer heat as good as gel inside “gel-infused” memory foam.


Plant-based Memory Foam

Plant-based memory foam is an improved version of traditional memory foam

It is made by replacing a portion of petroleum components by plant-based components.

Plant-based memory foam was invented to cope with such shortcomings as trapping heat, excessive amount of VOCs and slow response time.

However, some manufacturers are trying to sell plant-based memory foam as an organic material. That’s a manipulation. Plant-based memory foam is more eco-friendly than traditional memory foam. However, plant-based components replace only a part of petroleum components. Memory foam can’t be made only of natural components. It just can be more or less synthetic. If you are looking for 100% natural mattress take a look at natural latex mattresses.

Plant-based memory foam features a much larger cell structure that allows better breathability than traditional types.



Memory Foam firmness and ILD – for different users?


ILD may vary in different batches of mattresses. ILD of memory foam mattresses may depend on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the lower is ILD. It means that high temperatures can make your mattress feel softer, and low temperatures can make your mattress feel firmer.

Usually, manufacturers try to satisfy every kind of client by offering all possible variants: soft, medium, firm. But some manufacturers prefer to concentrate just on one type which is preferable for most of the customers (medium firmness).


When It’s Better Not to Buy Memory Foam Mattress?


Let’s be honest, some people are not satisfied with their memory foam mattresses.

  1. It’s better not to buy memory foam if you don’t like that special memory foam feel. You may think that you don’t like that special feel but mattress has such awesome reviews and the quality of the mattress is so good… Stop. If you don’t like memory foam you may not like even the best memory foam mattress.
  2. Shortcomings of memory foam may be too critical for you. For example, its hard for you to move and you don’t want to stick into the mattress. Or you want to stay as cooler as possible. Or edge support is very critical for you.
  3. You love old fashioned innerspring mattresses. You enjoy their bouncy feel.
  4. You want to buy 100% natural mattress. Memory foam is synthetic. It may contain natural materials but its always synthetic. But you may pick among 100% organic latex mattress if its critical for you.

Keep in mind, even buyers of the most expensive models are not always satisfied.

What Makes Memory Foam so Special?


It has the best orthopedic effect.

It helps you to distribute your weight properly and eliminate pressure points. Memory foam contouring your body and distribute weight. Your body immerses into the mattress. It can create special cloud-like feel.

Memory foam molds to your body and allow your spine to get the natural alignment.

No more pressure points. Perfect orthopedic effect.


History of Memory Foam


Why does memory foam has such unique properties?

The reason is that it was invented to reduce pressure from the beginning.

The material was developed by NASA to be used by astronauts in 1966.

Memory foam was released to public domain in 1980s. Later first memory foam mattresses was made. And it was a breakthrough.

Absolutely new type of material with unique properties. Provides you with the best orthopedic effect. Could now be used by common people in everyday life. It has become very popular since then. And now memory foam mattresses occupy a larger market share.

The process of manufacturing memory foam is now improved. It also became cheaper.
As a result, memory foam is one of the most popular type of mattresses nowadays.

 Memory foam also has awesome motion isolation. It’s good for sensitive people who don’t want to feel the movement of the partner.

How Does it Feel?


Viscoelastic means its viscous (just like honey) and elastic (rubber) at the same time.

It has unusual feel. And if you didn’t try it, you should try at least once.

Imagine drowning in the thick cloud till at some point cloud will try to return to its previous shape. So you are not able to drown.

Or imagine the chewing gum which is easy to chew. But when you stop chewing. it returns to the initial shape. So even after chewing it looks like new. And you can give it to your friends (yuck!).

It acts like liquid when you put the pressure on it and it molds to your body. And when the pressure is off it returns to its previous form.

It has specific feel. Some people like it, some people don’t. And even if you are going to buy the mattress online it’s better for you to try out the feeling. You can do this in the shop or your friend’s apartment or any hotel.

Some people just don’t like memory foam feel.

However, it suitable for most of customers.

Some people like memory foam feeling, some people don’t.

Satisfaction by Memory Foam


Yes, we told you that memory foam can have lots of shortcomings.

But they are not critical.

Memory foam still posses highest rates of customer satisfaction which exceeds up to 80%.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress the Best Choice for You?


Lets make a short review

It is the best choice for you if:

  • You like memory foam feel,
  • You need the best orthopedic effect,
  • You need the best pressure relief and comfort


Memory foam is not for you if:

  • You don’t like memory foam feel,
  • You need bouncy mattress
  • You need good edge support
  • You are looking for organic products only.


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