Fire Retardants in Mattresses

The main reason you may want to pay extra money for the mattress is your health.

But when we’re talking about the mattress, it’s not only about the health of your spine.

Since the 2007 year, all mattresses have to be fire retardant. The easiest and cheapest way to make them fire retardant is to use fire-retardant chemicals.

Some of these chemicals can be dangerous for your health. Which is important to know especially when a mattress is used by pregnant women and children.

HBO documentary shed light on how dangerous fire retardant chemicals can be.

Unfortunately, mattress manufacturers don’t have to inform you what kind of fire retardant chemicals they are using.

It’s possible to meet fire retardant standards without using harsh chemicals.

If you care about the toxicity of chemicals used in the mattress you are sleeping on, want an eco-friendly organic mattress and ready to spend more than 1500 USD for a mattress, keep reading. If not, just skip it.

Have you ever heard of people having an awful smell in their apartment and headaches after buying the mattress?  You probably should.

The off-gassing period is common for most synthetic mattresses. You should wait a couple of hours or days to get rid of the smell. Mattress made of natural materials wouldn’t cause this problem. This is one of the reasons Plushbeds mattress is worth to take a look.  It doesn’t have an off-gassing period at all.

Some people can’t stand the smell and can’t sleep on mattresses for a couple of days and even weeks. Usually, this problem concerns the cheapest mattresses (but not always).

Smell is not the main problem. What we really care about is our health.

It’s required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that all mattresses have to withstand a 2-foot wide blowtorch open flame for 70 seconds.

Manufacturers are using fire retardant chemicals to meet this standard. While some people are saying that amount of VOCs in mattresses is too small to be a concern, others investigate and prove that these chemicals are dangerous.

At least, it’s your right to know before you will pick the mattress on which you will spend 1/3 of your life. And during that period of time fire retardant chemicals can leak into the air you breathe.

And here’s the speech of Senator Durbin on US Senate floor:

Even if you are skeptical about the danger from using fire retardants you have to be warned about a possible allergy to some chemicals used in mattresses.

For example, some people have an allergy to formaldehyde which can be used even in expensive mattresses.


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