Best Mattress For Athletes

Does your mattress improve your trainings?

No? But it can.

What any athlete needs?

Proper nutrition, training hard… and what about recovery?

When you are doing your best you also need the best rest possible.

You probably know that feeling when after the hard physical work you want to sleep like a baby. That’s because your body needs a deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

And what kind of rest and recovery you will get at night depends on your mattress. This is the key.


3 Things Every Athlete Needs From His Mattress


Athlete needs from his mattress:

  • comfort
  • feeling cool
  • uninterrupted sleep
  • fast recovery


It is the key. You need to like how your bed feels. It will be hard for you to get some rest if you don’t like your mattress.

Each type of mattress feels different.

You need to be sure that you will like the feel of memory foam, latex or innerspring mattress.

Some people prefer flat to quilted top. We recommend you to decide whether you will like the firmness, type and surface of the mattress before buying it.

That’s why we picked 3 different types of mattresses for athletes. So that everyone will be able to pick the best mattress.

Feeling Cool

Lots of athletes have exceptionally fast metabolism comparing to common people.

Which means your body generates more energy at the same period of time.

It’s like an engine which is trying to do more job at the same period of time. It might need to be cooled.

It makes you feel hot.

Lots of mattresses trap heat and make people feel hot at night. But this problem is even more critical for athletes whose body temperature is usually high.

Don’t need a sweater when it’s cold outside? Often feeling hot?

You may want to look for mattresses with cooling effects.

Uninterrupted Sleep

While some people are saying that interrupted sleep can be as harmful as not sleeping at all… we can at least agree that waking up at night can ruin your sleep experience.

You need to sleep like the dead to get the full recovery.

If you would wake up at night you might be feeling drowsy all day long.

You need to be full of energy.

One of the reasons athlete must have an uninterrupted sleep is natural growth hormone. It is produced by your body during the deep phase of sleep. It helps keeping your body healthy, grow muscles and recover.

To get to that deep (third) phase of sleep you need to go through the first and second one. And you don’t want to be interrupted during any of them.

What does it have to do with a mattress?

Uncomfortable mattress which will make you turn and toss or wake up because of feeling hot can make your recovery process ineffective.

If you are very sensitive be sure to check that mattress has a good motion isolation. Most innerspring mattress transferring much more motion than foam mattresses.

So if you are sensitive to movement of your partner we recommend you to take a look at memory foam and latex mattresses.

Mattresses with air flows (CoolControl system) can produce noise at night. If you need absolute silence while you sleep those are not good for you.

If you have any issues that annoy you during sleep you have to get rid of them.

For example, if you suffer from back pain caused by traumas you’ll have to do everything possible to not feel pain at all. It is better to pick the mattress with good return policy. It will be harder for you to pick the right mattress and you will always have a chance that even the best mattress wouldn’t fit you because of your issues.


Some manufacturers are using materials which they claim are helping you to recover.

Of course, these technologies wouldn’t make you an Olympic champion but still can be helpful.

Celliant, for example, is a material which can help you recover faster.

Who knows, maybe soon we’ll have plenty of new materials and technologies which will help athletes to increase their results.



Does Athlete Need a Special Mattress?

Well, it’s up to you to decide

Most recommendations are as simple as “you have to love your bed”.

You need to have best recovery, best rest possible and that’s it. If you are having it with the mattress which is not labeled as “For Athletes”, don’t bother yourself.

So you’ll be doing just fine with any comfortable mattress you’ll love.


However, athletes have special needs:

  • feeling cool,
  • get faster recovery.

Special mattresses are crafted to satisfy your special needs. While common mattress may satisfy them and may not.

If you are looking for extra qualities you will find mattresses which will suit you.



We offer you to take a look at 3 different types of mattress which may satisfy your special needs


  • 1. Bear (memory foam)

It’s the best rated mattress for athletes.

Bear mattress is a high quality product made specifically for sportsmen.

So you will get what every athlete needs:

      • you wouldn’t feel hot because of your mattress, it’s up to 7 times cooler than common memory foam,
      • memory foam provides you with awesome orthopedic effect,
      • makes you feel comfortable thanks to quick response foams, it wouldn’t be hard to move
      • using celliant to help you recover.

It has lots of positive reviews. It’s a good mattress even for those who don’t go in for sports.

It’s a memory foam. And memory foam is the most popular type of mattresses nowadays for a reason.  Grants you best support and comfort.

At the same time it doesn’t have some shortcomings of memory foam type of mattresses (feeling stuck or hot).

Celliant Cover

What really makes this mattress special is clinically proven celliant cover.

Celliant is a special polymer bi-component fiber containing active minerals.

It absorbs the heat of your body and converts it into the infrared light. This infrared light is sent back to you. It improves blood flow, oxygenation of tissues, transportation of nutrients. So your body recovers faster.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified products with celliant as medical devices and general wellness products

The effect of Celliant technology is scientifically proved but it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to feel it. It was used by different famous brands like Reebok.

What you will feel for sure is a good night’s sleep on a high quality comfortable mattress.


If you don’t like the feel of memory foam you might not like this mattress.


  • 2. Plushbeds (latex)

Bear is definitely the best memory foam mattress for athletes.

But for those who don’t like memory foam feel or choose organic products to take care of their health….

Plushbeds can be a good option.

Plushbeds is an organic latex mattress. No harsh chemicals, made of natural materials.

If you don’t want to spend 1/3 of your life laying on artificial material (memory foam). If you are looking for something more natural it’s a good choice for you.

It doesn’t have any off-gassing period.

And what’s the most important, it doesn’t contain any chemical retardants.

It is made of  USDA / GOLS Certified organic latex and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

It is not created for athletes specifically but it has all qualities a sportsman might need.

      • latex wouldn’t make you sweet at night,
      • Plushbeds is a very comfortable mattress to sleep on,
      • it is made for people who avoid any kind of harsh chemicals, synthetic materials and looking for natural products. Isn’t it important for athletes to care about their body?


      • high price
      • people who don’t care about chemicals and organic products wouldn’t find many reasons to buy the mattress for that price


  • 3. Winkbeds + Coolcontrol (innerspring)

Don’t like memory foam, don’t want to pay for organic latex?

Winkbeds is a good bouncy innerspring mattress for you… but only if you like innerspring mattresses.

And that’s why:

      • it’s a high quality innerspring mattress,
      • it uses coil-on-coil system with more than 2000 springs to make you comfortable,
      • it can be extra cool with cool controlling system.

The mattress itself is a high quality product which you will probably like.

Innerspring mattresses don’t make you feel hot.

But what if you still feel too hot at night. And what if your partner feels cool? What should you do?

Winkbeds special foundation can solve your problem.

CoolControl system is using air flows and allows you to regulate temperature of each half of your bed.

You can decrease the temperature by 10 degrees or increase it by 30.



    • innerspring mattresses have bad motion isolation, you will be able to feel partners movements,
    • the mattress is high and the CoolControl system is pretty high too, if you are going to use both of them you have to be prepared …
    • CoolCoontrol system is not perfectly quite and you may feel the air is moving inside the mattress, if you are to sensitive it’s not for you.

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